All about Acne



Acne is something that almost all of us get… but we CAN get it under control!


Acne will affect most of us at some point in our life. And it’s a bit shit if you get it really bad- you’ll be doing everything the same and then one day puberty hits, bam! Acne eruption. You’re not doing anything different to your best friend with crystal clear skin. A lot of it is out of your control. But by understanding how acne works, we can combat it. Continue reading

Why you shouldn’t have a Water Birth

Why water births should not become more common anytime soon.

Water births should not become more common anytime soon. Image by this talented artist

The general argument in favour for water births revolve around giving the newborn baby a less traumatic entrance in the world. I have read (in magazines, not scientific journals) that the transition from amniotic fluid to water interface is more comfortable for the baby than the transition from amniotic fluid to air.

Whether that is true is unknown- it’s pretty hard to know what level of comfort a newborn baby is in.

What is known is that there are no clear benefits to having a water birth, but there are a number of documented, potentially fatal consequences of having a water birth.

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The Trouble with Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is fun, but what are the health effects?

Drinking alcohol is fun, but what are the health effects?

Alcohol is undoubtedly an integral part of Western society. Not only is it a great social lubricant at parties, but plays a part in the work environment when building rapport with potential business partners or simply “fitting it.” This is how our society is run. Everyone drinks. It is the norm.

What is less known, or perhaps known but ignored, is the devastating health effects of alcohol.

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Jimmy Choo wants to steal your orgasm and other sex fallacies from Time magazine

Hilarious read- and really highlights some of the drivel found in magazines.

Dr. Jen Gunter

I was just about to go to bed when I saw Time magazine’s list of 12 Shocking Sex Facts and so I thought, well, maybe Time know’s something I don’t. However, what followed was perhaps the worst piece of what-the-fuck-drivel that made every sex lists that I’ve ever read in Cosmo and O Magazine seem like dissertations in comparison.

So here are Times“12 Shocking Sex Facts” with my commentary and a handy scoring system:

1. Women, you are not in tune with your biology! Apparently, this is due to living indoors and staring at bright screens! According to Time magazine women all over the world used to menstruate during the new moon (darker at night) and ovulate during the full moon (lighter at night), you know, before we were industrialized. In the times of yore every single woman in the world was cycling at exactly the same…

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The problem with porn: does watching pornography cause erectile dysfunction?

Porn is everywhere nowadays. Is it affecting your sex life?

Porn is everywhere nowadays. Is it affecting your sex life?

The short answer is yes, pornography can cause erectile dysfunction.

I have been reading a book called “The Brain that Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge, a psychiatrist and researched a Columbia University. The book is about neuroplasticity and in chapter four he discusses how pornography causes changes in the brain, and how pornography addiction can cause impotence.

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