Should I eat before or after my morning workout to lose fat?

morning runs are great... but when should you eat around your run?

Morning runs are great… but when should you eat?

When I just started getting into exercise a few years ago, I was really interested in maximising my efforts to lose fat. In every magazine I opened I would head to the fitness section. One magazine would recommend working out after eating, others would recommend before eating, others would recommend working out after dinner or before breakfast… There are way too many opinions out there from self-professed gurus.

A lot of these gurus claim that working out in the morning on an empty stomach maximises fat loss. It DOES make sense after all- when you wake up your body is starved of sugars  and if you work out it should make sense that you should burn fat.

The results of this study however shows that eating a light meal before your morning workout is the best way to lose fat.

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